The apparatus of noninvasive oxygen mesotherapy O2Beauty (Italy)

Mild method of rejuvenation with the obvious aesthetic result.

A growing number of customers prefer the natural procedures, soft, painless and safe, useful both for the skin, and for the organism as a whole. This remains the basic requirement of patients - a visible improvement in skin condition after the procedure, a long and stable result, the lack of side effects. 
Oxygen mesotherapy in full compliance with these requirements, and most importantly - has instant aesthetic results. Without pain, needles, and bruises, completely comfortable, the skin is saturated with oxygen, moisture and nutrients to the eyes of the victimized fine wrinkles, deep wrinkles become less color - brighter, increases skin turgor, a noticeable lift. Simultaneously, the skin gets gentle massage, the activation of cellular respiration, microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. Oxygen saturation is not only skin, but each cell of the organism, treatment has a pronounced effect heals, improves the function of all organs and body systems. The most important oxygen therapy is for people in cities and industrial areas suffering from chronic hypoxia, as well as in individuals older than 30 years who show early signs of hypoxia of the skin associated with deterioration of the skin microcirculation.

The procedure for oxygen therapy comfortable, relaxing, patients often fall asleep at the session. Persistently improving skin condition, pleasant feelings and a general improvement being made to customers to return to oxygen mesotherapy again and again.


Apparatus O2Beauty represents an oxygen concentrator, designed specifically for use with the skin. The device picks up the ambient air, passes it through a system of special filters, selects from the air pure oxygen (98%) and pushes it into the skin under the pressure of 2 atm. through special nozzles. Oxygen cylinders are not required.

Attachments for oxygen therapy of skin:

Oxygen spray-gun

Used for treatment of skin-contact jet micronized liquid, mixed with pure gaseous oxygen.
It is used for the rehabilitation of the skin after various aggressive actions, such as cleaning, mesotherapy, peels, burns after photo-, laser procedures, RF-lifting.
Can be used as a separate express procedure for toning, moisturizing and gentle massage combined with aromatherapy. 

Nozzle for oxygen mesotherapy (for face and body)

It is used to saturate the skin with oxygen under pressure, as well as for the introduction of special cosmetic products on the principle baroforeza. The procedure uses a special low molecular weight serum developed to tackle a variety of aesthetic problems (more than 20 sera). The skin receives a powerful energy stimulus, increased cellular respiration and metabolism, significantly enhanced the synthesis of proteins, nucleic acids, polysaccharides, collagen, elastin and other important components of skin, normalize the protective properties of the skin and local immunity.

Oxygen mask

Combines external effect of oxygen on the skin and inhalation.
air - oxygen mixture. It may be supplemented with aromatherapy.
Under an oxygen mask is applied cosmetic mask. Widely ispolzetsya in combination with other functions of the apparatus O2Beauty, and as a separate procedure. 

The range of oxygen mesotherapy

- Anti-age procedures
- Revitalization
- Lifting
- Procedures with the effect of botox
- Deep moisturizing
- Anti-acne
- Post-acne
- Anti-cellulite program
- Stretch marks, flabby and thinning of the skin on the body
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